Systematic Ultrasonic Assembly™

Computer Based Training (English or Spanish)

DIL Dilan Interactive Learning

From 14 to 18 hrs of interactive training in three ultrasonic welding modules: Basic (for operators), Advanced (technicians and engineers), and Process Optimization (process developers).

DIL’s Interactive Ultrasonic Welding Training program for Windows (2000 or XP) includes the following:

Module 1 (Basic Ultrasonic Welding):

  1. Introduction - includes basic concepts and definitions.
  2. Components - specific information about the components and how they combine to form the system.
  3. Welding - how the system works to weld the components and various types of welds.
  4. Buttons and Adjustments – information about and location of buttons on the press, base and generator.
  5. Parameters – reviews the welding sequence for both basic welding and welding with pre-trigger, and explains welding by time, distance, energy and peak power.
  6. Safety and Maintenance – covers safety practices and general maintenance procedures.

Module 2 (Advanced Ultrasonic Welding):

  1. Plastic Morphology - explains the different types of materials, including mechanical properties, compatibility, use and various factors (ex. hygroscopics, additives, regrind, etc.) that must be taken into consideration when welding.
  2. Types of Ultrasonic Unions - includes basic information about unions and their designs, and more specific information about energy directors and shear concentrators.
  3. Sonotrodes and Fixtures - includes basic sonotrode design, tooling, and maintenance, as well as a discussion of fixtures.
  4. Welding Modes and Mechanical Terms - covers initial adjustments and gives detailed information about welding modes and terms.
  5. Press Adjustments - explains Pressure/Welding Force, Trigger Force, Pretrigger, Down Speed and Amplitude.

Module 3 (Systematic Ultrasonic Assembly Optimization by Characterization):

Module 3 includes a characterization process with instructions and an interactive worksheet, in Excel, which allows the user to enter information from an ultrasonic system in order to systematically optimize its welding process.

The modules are packaged on one CD and come with printed manual and instructions.

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